grasshopper project

I take pictures of anything interesting and unusual that crosses my path here each day. As we are here in the jungle, I see a lot of insects. So one day I was showing some of my pictures to two scientists who were here on Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama studying our Red Poison Dart Frogs. We all found one set of photos rather interesting. I emailed one of the photos to them so that they could forward it to a scientist they knew. He took a look at the photo and was instantly excited. I had apparently captured on digital film a very rare katydid. Since then I have been communicating directly with this "grasshopper" specialist. We are on the look out for all kinds of grasshoppers, etc. so to learn what we can about each of them.

welcome to life in the jungle

In an attempt to get information to the various people who are interested in what it is like to live in the jungle here in Panama, we have created this new website. We will be posting to it whenever we have more information to share. It is one way to get the information out. As we all know - it's a jungle out there.